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Color - Hoodie: Grey
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Important Fluffy Update:

Similar to pressing thicker polyester, like a microfiber towel or blanket, cover with butcher paper and pre-press the entire garment for 20 seconds. On average, press at 370 for 60 seconds.

 If your press is not big enough to press entire garment at once, press in sections. Pressing entire garment helps lay down the microfibers. You can press entire garment after pressing your image but it is a lot easier to pre-press the garment before adding your image.

Always make sure your butcher paper is clean!

All fluffies have a super soft fleece lining. The outer materials are made with the same material, but processed differently. The grey is made more loosely when winding the fibers together. The greys are extremely soft; however, you have to be extra careful with these from pilling (white fuzzy balls after drying) . So, before washing, they have to be turned inside out ( so the outer layer doesn't rub on other materials in the washer) and dried on low heat. The other colors, the fibers are tighter, which gives them a different outer feel of not as soft. Texture is hard to explain in words. It isn't rough, but a different feel of tighter fibers. The factory processing it this way helps with pilling (white fuzzy). 

These are 100% polyester but they feel like a soft cotton. They sublimate beautifully! All colors have not been restocked. 

Majority of customer over the last few years have stated they are TTS and they did not size up. However, the "Fluffy" runs about 1/2 bigger. 

Time and Temp: 375-385 60-70 seconds ( Each press is different and the amount of pressure you use can the amount of time.


Pilling: To help prevent the polyester fibers from pilling, turn inside out before washing. Must air dry or dry on low heat. 

Always protect all fabric from direct contact from heating element with blow out paper. (butcher paper) 

Prepress for 10 seconds to pull moisture since polyester holds moisture. Moisture can cause ghosting. Conde' does sell prospray to also help with ghosting. 

Ripping the edging of the paper helps with square indention marks. Also covering the whole fabric with clean blowout paper and pressing for 10 seconds helps remove the memory from the paper.