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TTS- Faux Bleach: Youth

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Color - Fuchsia
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These are our new TTS kids Bleach. (This is for slim to average built- bigger built may still need to size up)

These 95% Polyester "Bleached" shirts are going to be a game changer for your company. No longer will you have to worry about, "do I bleach first or sub first", "why is my image faded" "why is the shirt scorching after pressing the bleached area", "oh no, I bleached one area and it SPREAD" "what's the weather like" "oh no, it's raining or there isn't any sun, so I can't work on the shirt" "Why did I lift the shirt, now I have drip marks" and those are just a few questions, you never have to ask again with these shirts. lol 

These Bleached Bradshaw Blanks shirts are 95% polyester. They are made from white 95% polyester fabric and the colored image is sublimated on to give the bleach look. 

  1. Heating instructions: Make sure you use ***three*** sheets of pink butcher paper. Cover the whole heating element, the whole bottom pad, and one inside the shirt.
  2. ALSO- Please put a pressing pillow in between your shirt (with some butcher paper) Just the size of the white area. (May need to cut the pillow) You want to put the least amount of color under the press. 
  3. You can press for 60 seconds at 360F-375F the bleach shirt color is subbed onto the shirt and is heat activated, therefore the color will transfer to the element or pad if not covered. ‘DO NOT REUSE THE BUTCHER PAPER’. (Every press is different ) Put the least amount of color under the press to prevent press lines.