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Glass sublimation tumblers with Bamboo Lid

Glass sublimation tumblers with Bamboo Lid

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Clear and Frosted our customers have found when you use Convection oven recommendations: 375 degrees 6-8 minutes and Tumbler Press recommendations: 365 45 seconds then flip for 45 seconds more. 

Please remember you should always check as you go. You will be able to see if the images are done by looking inside the cup or if your image starts to show through the outside of the paper it’s done. 
All ovens and presses are different so it may take different times or temperature settings for you. 

iridescent Glass: Our customers have found success sublimating at 375-400 degrees in a oven for 4 mins and turning/ rotating after 2 mins. Please note this suggestion is not a guarantee and in colder temps some have increase their temperature to 425. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lydia Payne
Glass tumblers

They are really nice to sub on. They turn out so beautiful. Love them. Never will I order from anyone else. Love all the free stuff
A amazing company.

Kealey Buteau
Great customer service, super quallity

love this glass tumbler, subs beautifully.