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General Bradshaw Blanks Tips

It is also important for you to do your own research for your press and using practice material first.
MY “TIPS” ARE JUST RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE You may need to adjust your times and temperatures to what works best for you. *Always check as you go for the best results*
Some *TIPS* for what works based on our experience on solid fabric: Clothes, blankets, etc. (applies to all fabric items)
1. We recommend you do not press fabric longer than 70 seconds and not hotter than 365-385 F degrees.
2. Always cover the complete shirt from the heating element/or platen.
3. Always Lint Roll before and after pressing to help with press lines and remove lint (Lint dyes blue when pressed)
4. All solid shirts (NOT BLEACH) should be pre-pressed for 10 seconds to pull moisture out and to help with ghosting. Conde' does sell Prospray to help make the paper tacky and they have a few you tube videos on it as well. (Heat tape stains so avoid using it on fabric)
5. Polyester does have a memory, so it is best to rip the edges of the paper to remove any press lines. Or use a pressing pillow.
After pressing your image just cover with clean butcher paper and press for 10 seconds to remove any press lines
6. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION for the product you purchased and there are always a few learning curves so it is best to more research.
Faux Bleach tips:
1. These are made with heat activated ink that will transfer each time when extreme heat is applied.
You WILL Need to Cover the entire heating element and padding with butcher paper.
If you forget it is okay just get anything with high poly and press for three minutes at a time and transfer the ink to scrap material. Repeat the process until all ink is transferred. It may look like a stain is left, just cover with butcher paper each use and you will see it slowly fade away.
2. DO NOT PUT TAPE on any colored area.
ONLY apply to the white so you don't lose color in the area of the tape.
3. Butcher paper allows heat to go through, so you will need a pressing pillow only the size of the white area (towel or anything that can provide 1/8-1/4 inch raise). This will raise your image closer to the heating element and lower the colored faux bleach prints.
4. If you need additional help, please reach out on the chat with the first or second shirt, please do not continue to make the same errors without reaching out so I can help to the best of my ability.
5. Washing instruction for high polyester if you want them to stay looking new for years: Wash inside out (So, the outer fabric doesn't rub on other material) *No fabric softener (it causes build up on your clothes) *Air dry or dry on low heat to help prevent pilling (white fuzz)
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Feel Free to search the VIP group for any questions you may need. However, if you post a question it needs to be general question for the group. We do not have any admin in the group (other than me) that has day to day info because inventory and processing time changes daily.
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If you do not get a response by the end of the next business day just write “BUMP” and it will bring you to the top. As a backup you may call or text preferably with photos so I can help to the best of my ability 409-795-0602, preferably after 4:30pm Central Standard Time.
Thank you for your help and support in keeping our processing time low.
Lastly, crafting is FUN and we will always be learning with each new trend. So don’t get discouraged by the learning curve. Everyone makes mistakes even those with decades of experience. I hope you make some fun or funny memories while learning. I am not an expert by any means but I am the queen of mistakes with crafting, so all the tips above are from my "happy accidents." Can't wait to see what you make! Love, Shaunce Bradshaw-Johnson