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4 Pack of Pressing Pillows

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Bradshaw Blanks Heat Resistant Press Pads


5x5x0.4 inch / 13x13x1cm

5x15x0.4 inch / 13x38x1 cm

10x10x0.4 inch / 25x25x1cm

12x15x0.4 inch / 30x38x1cm

Heat resistance: up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Tips: Always put butcher paper on top when using for sublimation for two reasons. One the ink could transfer to the padding then your next shirt. Two, Teflon holds moisture which could cause your image to bleed. These are great for lifting up, but just protect it when subbing.

Do I need them? Are there alternatives if I don’t want to buy one. Yes and Yes. 

Do you need them for all clothes? No, in my opinion. It leaves more indentions on solid shirts

When do you need them?

* Faux bleach shirts - the bleach shirts are made with sublimation ink, and if has direct contact with the heating element (heat goes through butcher paper-so that is still considered direct contact for this situation. When you use a pressing pillow, you will be lifting the image up and lowering the “faux bleach” part. 

* Totes, pockets and onesies have stitching which makes your image further away from the heating element. 

find more tips on our website under #saveashirt and you should do your own research.